How We Work

What we do

We partner with local ambitious entrepreneurs or teams to build businesses in markets with high growth potential. We provide funding, strategy and operational support to help the team generate significant growth. Our mission is to provide the best entrepreneurs the resources needed to elevate their businesses to extraordinary heights.

We work with

The success of the business will depend on the strength of the team, so we work with highly motivated and mission-driven founders with global mindsets, deep industry knowledge and extensive contacts, gained through direct operational industry experience that are building companies in the Real Estate and Proptech, online classifieds and marketplaces industries.

Our engagement

We treat every business we work with as our own. We provide a mix of funding, HR support, strategic direction and guidance and operational support to maximise the growth potential of each business. We also provide our network to ensure rapid establishment and growth


While we value the need for each operational team to remain incentivized with skin in the game, we typically structure investments to provide a significant minority at the initial stage, increasing with further capital injections during the following 12-24 months.

We invest in

  • Stages: from Pre Series A to Series A
  • Average ticket $____
  • Product-led growth companies
  • Founders with global mindset
  • Data-driven decision makers


We have experience in both emerging and developed markets. Our preference is emerging markets, however we base importance on the business model, the size of the opportunity and the competition in the market, rather than being regionally focused.

What makes us unique

  • As entrepreneurs with a proven track record, we understand the journey and what it takes to succeed.
  • Operational experience as founders in Online Classifieds, Proptech and Marketplaces businesses – we bring a
    wealth of knowledge to each company we work with.
  • We enjoy transitioning traditional business models online and develop new technology to continuously improve
    business efficiencies and the customers experience.
  • Stay involved in our businesses as long as possible, we love what we do and we only go into business with teams
    that share our ambition and we know we will enjoy working with!
  • We are not a VC. Unless we can add significant value and help scale the business, then we won’t get involved.