Vertical Networks Group

At Vertical Networks Group our vision is about “Connecting and Shaping Industry” on the global stage. Our purpose as an organization is about ‘Giving business leaders the insight and competitive advantage to define the future of their industries’.

  • We provide global and local ecosystems for vertical industries which enrich our member’s professional lives.
  • Develop tailored ecosystems dedicated to the particular needs of individual industry verticals.
  • Operate seamlessly in the digital and physical worlds with the single-minded purpose of ‘Connecting and Shaping Industry.
  • ​Offer members a range of premium services which include news, opinions, directories, classifieds, education, consulting, venture capital, marketing services, events & e-commerce functions to specific industries across the world.

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At CAV Investment Group we are continually looking for new and exciting ways to invest in the future of the Digital Classifieds industry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquires.

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